HUSQVARNA - Machines and accessories

At Husqvarna our main objective is to develop the best products to satisfy your needs, we also take care in offering you a vast range of products destined to the maintanance of the shelf life of your products, to give them greater versatility of use and provide the tools and security elements to allow you to carry out your job.

This results in real advantages for you and your surroundings, for your productivity and your physical wellbeing whatever the task is that needs doing without having to worry about the conditions. Amongst the products destined to maintaining and prolonging the shelf life, we offer you those that, due to their natural wear and tear of daily use, you will have to replace in order to be able to continue working.

Some of these types of products may be:

Diffent types and sizes of bars, chain, chain reels, files, filing kits, trimmys, nylon, and oil.

Using the accesories for your products from the vast range available, you will be able to obtain a greater versatility of use.

Some of these types of products may be:

Trimmer attachments (sweeper, hedgetrimmer, blower, edger, pole saw, cultivator)

Tractor and rider accessories (trailers, moss rake, spreader, scarifier, broom, snow blade, chain, loading ramp, etc).

This range of accessories provide practically unlimited versatility. As your garden's needs change in different seasons, you will be able to adapt your rider or tractor to adapt to each of them.

Our extensive range is complemented with accessories destined to provide security for the carrying out of tasks. These have been developed in collaboration with the most demanding professional users and comply with the most strict security tests. As a result we have obtained a range of accessories that cover everything necessary to maintain optimum and permanent high production and protection levels, so guaranteeing a productive and comfortable working environment.




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