RUNI has developed a line of compactors for specific materials.

Due to its years of experience, has become the most versatile environmental alternative, robust and efficient option on the market, offering personalised solutions to a great variety of sectors.

RUNI's screw compactor stands out due to its reliability and ease of use. It uses a system of continuous compaction that allows for a  high level of densification. In addition, these systems have high energy efficiency as they do not use heat in the process. 

The screw compactors process a wide variety of materials, rapidly and efficiently, for example EPS packaging. EPS Packaging takes up lots of unecessary space so requiring frequent collection. Another ideal use for these systems is material dewatering, disassociating liquid from solid material, so allowing it to be used in the elimination of water in the recycling process of plastics or emptying and compaction of most containers. 

Runi's systems can be clasisified in 3 different categories depending on their use:

  • EPS or other plastic compaction
  • Silo Systems
  • Material dewatering for various materials


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