SUBARU - Industrial engines

ROBIN-SUBARU is the Japanese FHI manufacturer brand, distinguished for the high quality of its industrial petrol engines.

The ROBIN-SUBARU range consists of single cylinder 4 stroke engines, air refrigerated, with a power range between 1,1 CV and 22,0 CV.

ROBIN-SUBARU engines are specially designed for professional use due to the advanced technology used, allowing these light and compact engines to be much more efficient in consumption, noise and vibration levels compared with other engines in their class.

The great range of available models in ROBIN-SUBARU, facilitates the task of finding the adequate engine in the assembly of different applications.

Some examples of machinery/applications that use ROBIN-SUBARU engines are:

  • General applications: Compressors; generators; pressure washers; pumps; welders; karts, etc
  • Construction machinery: vibratory concrete screeders; rammers; compacting plate; concrete cutters; cement mixers; etc
  • Agriculture and gardening: tillers; cultivator; tractors; scarifiers; brushcutters; shredders; blowers; lawnmowers.



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