TOMRA - World leader in container waste manangement.

TOMRA systems have become a revolution in the container waste management area in the main EU countries.

TOMRA´s technical contributions have allowed to overcome the main operational obstacles that existed when trying to realise the most efficient way of selective collection of the different containers. The procedure´s flexibility, its reliability and its contrasted behaviour allows us to assure that we are before a technology which means a step forward in the world of container recycling and that at the same time is a helpful tool for the achievement of established objectives in the National Integrated Waste Management Plan.

Our advanced solutions promote a greater collaboration regarding the separation and recycling of materials, at the same time that they clear skips of containers, increasing the rate of success in recycling objectives. They decrease the need of large storage areas, logistics, transport costs and energy consumption in comparison to the current dispersed collection routes, so resulting in a noticeable increase of the eco-efficiency of this process.


Our novelty recycling processes are structured in 3 groups focussed on different but complementary markets:

  • Recycling Kiosks
  • Modular and independent units
  • Mobile Units


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