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Benza Division "Benza Energy"

Since its birth, INTERNACO SA stands out as dynamic and innovative, through the launch of new products BENZA brand, and creating new tools that streamline manufacturing processes and logistics. In 1980 Benza Energy Division was created, and focused on designing and manufacturing gasoline and diesel generators. Since then, it has manufactured and sold more than 100,000 units for the domestic and international market. The gradual consolidation of the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Division, has allowed enter into the market of high-power generator manufacturing and development of special applications.

At INTERNACO, the division of INTERNACO - "BENZA ENERGIA"  is made up of engineers and technicians who proposed and implemented solutions for power generation depending on individual customer needs. The division provides advice at each level of constructive aspects of electrical and civil engineering and supports customers in implementing their projects.


We offer a complete service with the best guarantees:

  • Start-ups
  • Maintenance Plans.
  • Aftersales Maintenance
  • Parts Kits.
  • Training Plans.

Official Web Benza Energy: http://www.benzaenergia.com


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