KRANZLE - Pressure Washers

Kränzle is a German brand of high pressure cleaners targeted at the professional sector. All brand products are noted for their outstanding technique, their modern design, quality materials and high longevity.

Continuous product development, careful selection of raw materials, numerous patents and a conscientious choice of models makes it the perfect machine for cleaning and its durability is legendary within the demanding professional sector (construction, food, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, automotive, building, industrial and naval supplies, etc.).. Kränzle can only boast of being a true German brand. Manufactures 90% of all components and only the remaining 10% outsourced, which results in what is probably the best brand of cleaners on the market.

Our product lines:

  • Electric cold water pressure washers
  • Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Autonomous cleaners gasoline / diesel
  • Stationary Pressure Washers
  • Vacuum
  • Sweeping
  • Accessories and vacuum cleaners

Kranzle official website:

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