Internaco S.A. Objectives

Since its establishment, Internaco S.A. stands out for being one of the most dynamic and innovative Galician companies. This pioneering trait isn’t just restricted to the introduction of new products, but also applies to the creation of new tools that enable its supply channel to become more efficient, consequently guaranteeing a better service.

As an example of improved management procedures, the processing of clients’ orders can be highlighted; this allows the order to reach the warehouse staffs’ barcode readers directly from clients’ computers. In addition, Internaco S.A. is the first company in Galicia to have established its own customs area within its warehouse, consequently allowing for an important competitive advantage in logistics.

Within Internaco S.A.´s values, commitment to quality it is a primary need. This premise together with the company´s vocation to service and technical knowhow, define a management model, as legally certified by ISO 9001, which highlights the implementation of a quality policy fundamentally based on:


  • Knowing and satisfying client needs and expectations as well as legal requirements that must be complied with in each case
  • Advise the client of the incidents that might have taken place and minimise in this way their impact.
  • Try to maintain a constant improvement in the manufacturing and management processes established. 
  • Employee consultation and involvement in the constant search for internal improvements.

Another fundamental pillar in Internaco S.A.’s development is the company´s firm commitment to the environment.

Aware of the need to protect the environment, as well as the possible incidents that the company´s activities may have on it, Internaco S.A. has adopted working principles oriented towards the strict and efficient compliance with the environmental regulation that in 2011 gained the ISO 14001 certification in Environmental Management Systems awarded by the “Bureau Veritas Quality International”.




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