Foundation and Development

In 1969 Mr. Manuel Concheiro Garcia acquires the exclusive distribution rights for Spain of Husqvarna (market leader in the forest and garden sector).

In order to be able to manage the ever-increasing sales volume of Husqvarna products, in 1976 Internaco S.A. is born.

From then onwards, new products have been added to the company´s portfolio: Japanese industrial engine brands Subaru and Yanmar (in 1995 and 1999 respectively), as well as adding Portugal to the exclusivity of the Husqvarna brand. 

In 1999, Internaco S.A. develops its own brand of industrial equipment aimed at rental companies and public sector construction. BENZA has over the last 10 years established itself as one of the top brands in the market thanks to the high quality and robustness of its finished products. 

In recent years, Internaco S.A. has branched out into new business lines with the incorporation of prestigious brands, such as European market leaders in compaction and recycling: Tomra and Runi as well as the German pressure washer brand, Kraenzle.

Since being founded,  Internaco S.A. is true to a philosophy which is key to its success: a very strict selection of its suppliers, demanding guaranteed professionalism from these manufacturers and evaluating carefully all aspects that will have an impact on its clients: product quality, innovation, service reliability and continuity.


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